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Jakim to promote carnival guidelines

The Malaysian Islamic Development Corporation (Jakim)will organise entertainment carnivals to serve as a guideline for organisers of such events, its director-general Datuk Othman Mustaphasaid.

“It is a guideline and not something that is compulsory. Through such carnivals, Jakim will give advice on what should be done by all organisers of entertainment carnivals,” he told reporters here Monday.

Earlier, he launched the book Koleksi Doa Imam Masjid Negara, published by the National Mosque, as well as the Best Carnival.

“Best” is the acronym for “Buat Elok Saja Tau” (Do Only the Good Things) and will take place at Laman 1Malaysia, from Oct 28-30, here.

He said Jakim would hold similar carnivals in other places to promote the guidelines.

“It’s not wrong to hold entertainment carnivals but they should be carried out in a proper manner,” he said.


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