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PKR branch members in row over auditors

The Kuala Selangor PKR branch annual meeting (AGM) at the Bestari Jaya community hall turned chaotic after several members questioned the signatures on the statement of account for the branch.

The commotion yesterday flared as soon as branch chief Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Menteri Besar, finished delivering his speech.

The branch’s internal auditor Norazhar Jamil claimed the accounts were audited by individuals who were not appointed as members at the last AGM.

He said his name and that of another appointed member, Mohd Sharif Ismail, should have appeared as internal auditors in the minutes of the last AGM and not the two individuals.

Norazhar said, he had been approached previously by someone who wanted him to sign the statement of accounts, but he refused because it was not issued with proof.

He said he also found that the individuals who signed the statement held positions in the party but according to the party’s constitution, the internal auditors were not supposed to hold any position.

Khalid said the statement of accounts would be audited before being presented again at the next meeting

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