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Non-Muslim supporters may give up on PAS

The PAS Supporters Congress has stressed that its members will not back any move to implement hudud law, saying it will have a negative impact at the next general election.

Its chairman Hu Pang Chaw said the hudud law proposal had alarmed non-Muslims and that it would be tough for the party to convince them to think otherwise if nothing was done to remedy the situation.

“The worst case scenario would be the non-Muslims losing confidence in PAS for its hardline stance over the issue and eventually trigger a mass exodus of non-Muslims from the wing.

“PAS leaders must open up and listen to the grouses brought up by non-Muslims and find a solution to ease their concerns,” he said.

Hu said the congress was never consulted nor briefed by Kelantan PAS on the implementation of hudud law, thus giving the impression that the wing was not important to the party.

“To date, I have not even received a phone call from any PAS leader since the matter blew up on a national scale.

“How am I going to explain this matter to the 20,000 congress members? So far, I have not even been invited to any of the roadshows planned to explain the implementation of hudud law to the people,” he claimed.

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had drawn flak for his statement that hudud law had nothing to do with non-Muslims and that they should not be unduly worried about it.


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