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Malaysians want Budget 2012 to address rising cost of living

Measures to tackle the rising cost of living top the list of what the people want the Government to address when it unveils Budget 2012.

The increasing prices of essential goods and services are affecting the rakyat and they want the Budget to comprehensively address this problem.

In a Twitter message yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak promised that the high cost of living would be the main thrust of his Budget proposals on Friday.

Meanwhile, young people are concerned about the dearth of affordable homes in suitable areas while those in the middle-income group are hoping for higher tax rebates.

Other items high on the wish list are:

> Better and cheaper public transportation system;

> Minimum wage; and

> Cheaper cars: many say they do not mind paying the market price for fuel but want tax on vehicles lowered.


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