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Murderer also tried to extort money from family

Not only did the murderer of a taxi driver not feel guilty, he also tried to exploit the situation by trying to extort money from the dead man’s wife.

Justice Lee Seiu Kin came to this conclusion in the High Court, Tuesday, and sentenced Chinese National Wang Wenfeng, 32, to death for the murder of cabby Mr Yuen Swee Hong, 58.

Wang had called Mr Yuen’s wife, Madam Chan Oi Lin, claiming he had kidnapped Mr Yuen and demanded S$150,000 in ransom.

She did not know Wang had already killed her husband and had dumped his body in a forest.

Mr Yuen was killed in the early hours of April 11, 2009, in Jalan Selimang in Sembawang after a struggle with Wang in his taxi.

Wang had boarded Mr Yuen’s taxi at Sun Plaza in Sembawang with the intention of robbing him.

Justice Lee said judging from the deep stab wounds inflicted on Mr Yuen, they would have resulted in heavy bleeding and a loss of consciousness within a short time.

Justice Lee added Wang could only have done it with the intention of inflicting such an injury and that was enough to kill.

During the murder trial between March and April this year, a taxi was brought to the High Court premises where Wang demonstrated his version of the struggle between him and Mr Yuen that fateful morning.

– TODAY/cc


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