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Fuziah denies misleading the public

Twitter users are questioning PKR vice-president Fuziah Salleh’s expertise in citing health concerns and radiation fears as the reason for objecting to the construction of the Lynas Corp in Gebeng, Kuantan.

A new Twitter hashtag, #fuziahtipu, started trending soon after she was criticised by nuclear experts for “frightening the public” about the plant.

Twitter user jonathanfun wrote: “YB @fuziah99, stop opposing for the sake of opposing. Trust me, you won’t gain any political mileage from this.”

Another user, syanzuhri, wrote: “U should check your facts, don’t make assumptions, if you are not capable of doing such things, please quit for the interest of rakyat.

Twitter users also praised Hulu Langat MP Dr Che Rosli Che Mat, who is from PAS, for coming out in defence of the plant.

On Wednesday, Dr Che Rosli, an expert in nuclear science, had criticised Fuziah for equating Lynas to a nuclear plant when its function was to process natural materials.

He had said during a TV3 news interview that accusations against Lynas were “unscientific and not at all academic”, adding that he felt the need to speak out in defence of the project despite being warned by the PAS information department.

Kuantan MCA chief Datuk Ti Lian Ker said Fuziah had lost her credibility as she spoke “irresponsibly without exercising caution”.

He said Dr Che Rosli’s defense of the Lynas plant showed he had followed his professional conscience despite Fuziah being his political ally.

Ti claimed that Fuziah had also wrongly associated the Lynas rare earth factory to the Fukushima radioactive reactor in Japan for political mileage.

“It is two totally different things. One is a factory, one is a reactor,” he pointed out, adding that the Lynas issue had been over-politicised.

Fuziah, who is also Kuantan MP, said the accusation that she had misled the public without proper facts was “blatantly untrue”.

She said Dr Che Rosli’s “simplistic” analysis of the Lynas plant was purely based on its radioactive levels and did not take into account other factors such as discharge and waste management.

“As an MP, I need to look at the overall impact on the community, not just radioactivity alone.

“I am very confident of my facts,” she said.

Fuziah also insisted that she had never likened the rare earth refinery to a nuclear plant and challenged Dr Che Rosli to produce proof. – The Star Online

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