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Singapore Presidential Candidate: $500k presidential salary is ‘plenty

Presidential candidate Mr Tan Jee Say is promising to take a salary of $500,000 if elected, saying it is “plenty” and far more needed for a family to live on.

Supporters distributed flyers advertising this campaign promise at a walkabout at the Hari Raya bazaar at Geylang Serai on Saturday evening.

The flyer states, among other things, the lines: “Presidential salary: $500,000 a year is plenty for anyone to live on. Anything else should go back to the people of Singapore.”

Asked if it was meant to counter Mr Tan Kin Lian’s campaign promise to take half of the president’s salary, which is currently about $4 million, Mr Tan Jee Say said: “No it’s not undercutting. People ask me what is a good figure to live on so I think this is a good, it’s a lot of money to live on.”

Asked how he decided on this figure, Mr Tan said: “Well I think it’s generally far above what an average family needs.”


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