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Raid on Church: No Uproar From Pakatan Rakyat

Hantu Laut

It’s all quiet on the opposition’s front.The was no uproar, there was no muck racking, there was no condemnation of religious persecution.


Because the authority that raided the church was from an opposition state.Apparently there was a police report by Jais on proselytising to Malays.

That’s the hypocrisy of Pakatan Rakyat.It’s OK for them to do but when it’s BN they would scream for the whole world to hear.

I am waiting to hear from Pakatn leaders and the good Christian Martin Jalleh what he has to say about this shameful raid on a Christian church by Jais which is under the state of Selangor.

Not that I think it is wrong, but why hold the thanksgiving dinner in a church if you have invited some Muslims to attend.

It would not matter to Sabahans but the Muslims in Peninsula are sensitive to this kind of thing and maybe the church should respect those sensitivities.


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