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Dr Chandra: Disaster if Anwar Becomes PM!

Anwar wants to sue Dr. Chandra Muzaffar RM10 million for the latter’s statement in The Star that it would be “Disaster if Anwar becomes PM.”

A letter from Anwar’s lawyers, Messrs S.N. Nair & Partners dated March 4, 2008 had demanded that Dr. Chandra retract the statement he made at the Malaysia Decides 2008 forum organised by Star Publication at Menara Star, Petaling Jaya on March 3, 2008.

However, in his reply dated March 5, Dr. Chandra who was the former Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Nasional (PKR) had indicated that he would not retract the statement because he had his own reasons for doing so.

What was interesting in this case was when Anwar revealed who he really was in his writ of summons. In it he said, “The Plaintiff (Anwar) at the material time is the advisor to Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia. The Plaintiff is also, among other things, “A Visiting Diplomat at the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), New York.”

Dr Chandra who is the President of JUST (The International Movement for a Just World) was contacted by AIDC on June 30, 2011 at the JUST office in Petaling Jaya to elaborate on the developments of the case.

AIDC: Prof, you were sued by Datuk Seri Anwar over your statement, which was published by The Star under the heading “Disaster if Anwar is PM”. Why did Anwar file the suit against you?

Dr. Chandra : This happened before the 2008 elections. The comment I gave was not planned.

After all the five speakers at the forum had finished delivering their speeches, the chairman, Datuk Wong Chun Wai (Star Group Chief Editor) opened the floor to questions.

My statement was actually based on my answer to a question posed by a member of the audience, who asked, “What do you think if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister?”

In respond to that I openly said, “A huge unmitigated disaster,” which meant that it would spell certain disaster to the nation should Anwar become the Prime Minister.”

I said it was because of his politics. I did not point to his morals, personality or the like.”

You were not referring to morals?

No, but at that juncture issues relating to his morals had been exposed for quite some time. Dr. Mahathir exposed it in 1998.

Even before that time, according to some of his friends, Anwar had been involved in several things. But, what I was referring to during the forum was from the standpoint of local and international politics.

Because I was aware of his links to certain groups of people in the west, people like Paul Wolfowitz, among others.

We know that Paul Wolfowitz, the person who planned the Iraq War, and among the leaders of the neo cons, obviously he is very pro-Israel, and it comes as no surprise that he, too, is a Zionist.

It is the same with his links to the Foundation for the Future.

Incidentally, who was the person who launched the Foundation for the Future in 2005? It was US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. So, it was a body set up by the U.S. State Department.

The objectives are clear. It is being used as an organisation that moves on the pretext of working for democracy in the Middle East. We can see that it is an adjunct for a U.S. agenda in establishing hegemony and control.

The U.S used this character (Anwar) as a tool.

Did they appoint Anwar as President or as Chairman?

Yes, as President or Chairman. He (Anwar) is not from the Middle East. He is from Southeast Asia. So, why did they appoint him? We have to ask this question.

All because he was close to them. Very close.

I am sad to see how some of the rakyat just could not sense how dangerous this individual is.

With powerful public speaking abilities, should this demagogue become the Prime Minister, he is sure to control the hearts and mind of the rakyat. For sure it will be dangerous because he will put in place hidden policies for the country.

What I mean to say, it is certain that he will line the policies with hidden agenda, which he will ultimate endeavour to realise.

It was for that reason that I said it would be a disaster.

He construed my statement as wild and malicious – an accusation meant to bring down his image and position.

So, two days after that he sued me.

I did not retract the statement but I said the statement was made for the good of the people. So that they (the rakyat) would know who this person was.

Do you have a lawyer for this case?

Yes, I have.

So, you hold on to your statement that he would be a disaster for Malaysia?


In the writ of summons it was alleged you mentioned him being a member of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR). How could Anwar have been a part of it, considering how the CFR is equally hated by the Americans themselves?

As far as I know the membership of the CFR includes the majority of influential American figures, as well as the country’s former presidents. There are also CFR members abroad.

Foreign members would mean those personalities trusted by this core influential group in the U.S.

Yes, you are spot on. According to several analysts, CFR is among the most influential bodies in the United States. Even more influential than the Congress, Senate or the other U.S. bodies.

This has much to do with CFR’s involvement in policy-making – policies that guide the directions of the U.S. government. I believe specific individuals are entrusted to do this.

Of course, in the context of West Asia and the other Islamic nations, the policies of the CFR are seen as siding the Israelis. More partisan to the interests of the Zionists. This is clear and would be difficult for anyone to deny.

Some people say the CFR is among the three most powerful bodies in the world today. The first being the Trilateral Commission, followed by the Bildeberg Institute, and thirdly the CFR.

The selection of Anwar as member of the CFR or even the Foundation for the Future was not based on his having authored several books and being an expert on international relations, but because he was close to certain groups of people who aim to control the world.

We are referring to the Zionists. Anwar is so close to them.

If membership is open to the most well known figures in Malaysia, why wasn’t Tun Dr. Mahathir chosen?

No, Dr. Mahathir is not involved.

And if we observe closer, prominent personalities in Islamic nations are also not involved?

If we look at those people who control the U.S., we must distinguish between real power and formal power.

By real power we mean the President, Congress, and the Senate. But in actuality, the U.S. is controlled by the politicians, cultural groups and the groups of lobbyists – they are the ones holding real power.

People like Dr. Mahathir, despite his intellect and sense of real justice is only looked upon as such by those holding formal power.

However, those holding real power look at him as their nemesis.

Why is this so? It is because Dr. Mahathir holds no punches when hitting them. Dr. Mahathir is among the most strident critique of United States’ control of the West Asian agenda (political control), control of Iraq, Lebanon and others.

Dr. Mahathir has been attacking them since he was the Prime Minister and even after he has retired.

Dr. Mahathir has been consistent?

The same rhythm. Always consistent. He stands in stark contrast to our friend here…when he seemingly had a part to play in the Malaysian flotilla, he made a show of his criticising Israel and the Zionists. But after a few weeks he rushed to the U.S. to offer his apologies to them (the Israel and the Zionists).

He apologised and said he did not mean what he said in when he was interviewed by the CNN.

What is the meaning of all this? By right we should be fighting for something. We should hold fast to what we are fighting for, and we should never apologise to anyone if we think that we are in the right.

That is how I see it. It is all because of politics.

You mean to say he is not consistent? Always changing?

Like how he is in relation to local matters…we know his stand.

Take for example his stand on the issue of language. The person who used the term Bahasa Malaysia as the national language was Tunku Abdul Rahman. He knew that in order to bring together all the communities in Malaysia, it was better to use the term Bahasa Malaysia so that the non-Malays would find it easier to accept the language as the national language, especially in the context of Sabah and Sarawak.

Take Indonesia, for instance. The country’s national language is Bahasa Melayu, but the independence fighters purposely used the term Bahasa Indonesia to unite all the races in the country.

I see it as good from the aspect of unity.

But, it was Anwar who changed it from Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu.

And if we look at his style of politics now, he is more inclined to fight for the interests of the Chinese, Indians and the others.

That was what I meant by not being consistent.

Changing according to situation?

Changing to suit his interests. That was why The Economist labelled him a chameleon last year. He is like that.

That was why a long time ago Dr. Mahathir said he (Anwar) is a man who could be accepted by the Jews.

They (the Jews) look upon him as their hero. But at the same time he is also accepted by the Arabs. Both sides can accept him.

It’s the way he plays his politics…whatever it is, his interests are paramount, and nothing else.

His case against you is still ongoing?

Still on. It has been three years and I am disappointed it is taking such a long time. From what I see Anwar is deliberately dragging the cases.

Including his case against you?

Yes, including my case. My side is ready, but what they call as management is taking too long.

Is Anwar’s suit meant to cause you difficulties, to scare you or to show to the public that he could even shut you up?

Yes, to shut me up. If you delay a case, certain things may not be discussed…that is one of his reasons.

Like the other cases, he is merely bidding his time to become Prime Minister and the opportunity to finish all the cases.

This includes his case against Tun Dr. Mahathir. Although he knew the court had found him guilty in the first sodomy case and that the rakyat is aware of his involvement with the Americans, nevertheless he would not hesitate to sue should anyone touch either of the issues.

To me, although he is deeply involved in something, he would still want to portray to the public that he is a clean person. He wants to project an image that is opposite of what he has been accused of.

It is not only in the case of his proclivity for homosexuality, but also his involvement in the sex video.

If we are sane, I don’t see any way these things can happen if we are not involved.

I have been informed that when he goes for ceramah in the rural areas he would give many excuses…this Anwar; he has his own peculiar ways. – AIDC

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