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PAS Barks Louder Than Its Bite – Hantu Laut

Hantu Laut

I have, in my past postings, raised the question of the incompatibility of DAP and PAS, which, needless to say, is fraught with moral ambiguity.This marriage of convenience is destined for the rocks, sooner or later.

Can theocracy and secularism sleep in the same bed?

If you don’t have the fortitude to rule the roost to push through your agenda, don’t even try, it makes you a laughing stock and reflect on your weaknesses.If you can’t fight them join them.

PAS should drop its Islamic badge so as not to confuse the Muslims in this country.

The controversy over the state-enforced entertainment ban during Ramadan in Kedah imposed by the PAS led state government has become a thorny issue with coalition partner DAP, demanding that the state government withdraw the ban immediately.The Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak issued a strongly-worded statement that the state government would not withdraw the ban.

Obviously, the mentri besar has no balls to stand by his words and the irony is DAP has only 1 assemblyman in the Kedah state assembly and yet DAP has such powerful voice over policy matters.

This is not the first time PAS gave in to DAP demands.In 2009 PAS imposed a ban on the sales of beer in convenience stores in Muslim majority areas.MBSA officers unlawfully seized beer from a 7-Eleven store in Section 8.PAS Commissioner Datuk Hassan Ali lashed out at his executive council colleague Ronnie Liu for reprimanding MBSA officers conducting the raid.

What happened next?

PAS, the lame duck, with intervention from MB Khalid Ibrahim, gave in to DAP demands. The ban was scrapped.

PAS barks louder than its bite, have no balls to defend its position.

It takes just one tweet from DAP publicity chief Tony Pua asking his party to pull out of the coalition Pakatan Rakyat that gave PAS leaders the cold feet.The blanket ban was withdrawn and to save face PAS agree with DAP to confine the ban to Muslims only.

It is now clear both PKR and PAS are lame ducks, it is DAP that call the shots.


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