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Selangor Sultan advises against street demonstrations

PETALING JAYA: A royal caution has been issued by the Sultan of Selangor to the rakyat to stay away from street demonstrations.

“Such demonstrations will only bring trouble to people and disrupt harmony as well as threaten peace and ruin the country’s good name,” said Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

He said demonstrations will also force shops and businesses to close out of fear that their premises will be damaged, and disrupt the daily routine of people.

“I advise all Selangor citizens not to be involved or take part in any street demonstration at any point in time because our beloved Selangor will only suffer losses from it,” he said in his royal address during the launching ceremony of Masjid Al-Salam in Hulu Selangor.

The Sultan said he had confidence in the police’s abilities and fully supported them as they were carrying out their duties in preserving the country’s peace and safety of its people.

“I thank the rakyat who have been sensitive and attentive to efforts in maintaining the peace in Selangor,” he said, reminding people that no normal human enjoyed arguments, conflict and enmity, what more deep hatred and suspicion.

Sultan Sharafuddin stressed that the Malays in Selangor must remain united and not fight amongst each other because of different political ideologies.

“I want to appeal to (them) to stay united and not fight. We are Malays united in one religion, that is Islam. I will feel sad if (they) are divided by different political ideologies,” he said, urging them not to get easily influenced by inflammatory remarks that did not bring any benefit.

In his royal address, the Sultan also declared that mosques and surau should not be used as sleeping or meeting places by those who came from other places to join street demonstrations or illegal assemblies banned by the authorities.

He said mosques and surau were holy and sacred places for Muslims to pray and draw closer to Allah.

He stressed that the rules given by the state’s religious authorities must be obeyed as they were meant to guarantee the well-being of Muslims in Selangor.

He said it was necessary to take precautionary measures early to ensure mosques remained as public places that were separated from political influence and those with their own agendas.

“I will take stern action against any party who tries to fan the flames of enmity and discord amongst the races and communities in Selangor,” said the Sultan.

Courtesy: The Star Online


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