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Arrogance And Insolent:Holding The King To Ransom.

by: Hantu Laut

Is the Agong’s words not good enough for her to demand an audience with the King before she can agree to call off the Bersih’s rally?

Bersih chairman S Ambiga said she will try and seek an audience with the King before the planned rally this Saturday to communicate their concerns before announcing their next move.

This woman is arrogant and insolent and couldn’t care less as long as she achieved what the oppositions wanted her to do.Those who supported her and proceeded with the gathering are showing deep disrespect to the Agong.Delusion of grandeur would be an apt description of her.She now think she is on top of the world taking the king to ransom.

What if the Agong refused to give her an audience, would she proceeds with the rally which I believe would bring throng of mainly Malays on to the streets because PAS has promised to send 1 million of its members as show of strength to rattle UMNO and the government.

Would PAS members disobey the Agong?

Would the Malays “derhaka” against their King?

We’ll wait and see!

The 9th of July rally would put the monarchy at the crossroad.


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