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Ambiga: A Small Fish Wanting To Swim In A Big Pond

by: Hantu Laut

From Wikipedia…

Ambiga Sreenevasan is a lawyer who served as the President of theMalaysian Bar Council from 2007 to 2009.

In March 2009, Ambiga became one of the eight recipients of the 2009 Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award.[1][2] In the ceremony, the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented:

Ambiga Sreenevasan, has a remarkable record of accomplishment in Malaysia. She has pursued judicial reform and good governance, she has stood up for religious tolerance, and she has been a resolute advocate of women’s equality and their full political participation. She is someone who is not only working in her own country, but whose influence is felt beyond the borders of Malaysia. And it is a great honor to recognize her and invite her to the podium.[3]


Ambiga Sreenevasan has stood up for religious tolerance and was the lawyer for Lina Joy in her apostasy case. Ambiga has argued that Article 121(1A) of the Constitution of Malaysia does not deprive Muslims from equality and freedom of religion. Some conservative Muslim groups accuse her of disputing Syariah law.[4]   

Acting in her capacity as President of the Malaysian Bar Council, Ambiga accepted a memorandum on the formation of an inter-faith commission, which also made 14 demands. Ambiga further held a forum on Article 121(1A) concerning syariah law and the rights of Muslims for freedom of religion, despite objections from conservative Muslim groups.[5]

May I ask what exactly has she done for this country other than stirring up racial, religious and political controversies to deserve such accolade.It’s like undeserving Obama, who probably has more callouses on his lips than on his hands, being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before he could even warm the seat at the Oval office let alone made a mighty contribution to world peace.Even the Nobel Prize has gone political rather than looking at the merits of the recipient.

I would say the same of the “Women Of Courage” award. It’s mere political rather than a deserving cause. Ambiga has done absolutely nothing for this nation or the world for that matter to deserve this little known award.The only real “woman of courage” in recent time is Aug San Suu-Kyii of Myanmar who has suffered severely under a draconian and evil regime.

Has that glorified “Women Of Courage” award designed by the then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice under the Bush administration got her head so swollen that she is prepared to bring political turmoil and unrest to this nation to further enhance her glorified status, acting as a stooge for the oppositions, taking instructions from Anwar, PKR and PAS.

Anwar has openly declared that his is the real boss of the movement when he says he can order Ambiga to call off the rally on 9th July if Najib can promise a clean,free and fair elections.

Both PKR and PAS are worried that their popularity with the Malay grassroots have gone downhill which imperatively demand a huge political rally to boost the declining supports.

The demand for free and fair elections was just an excuse to fool the people.This is just a prelude to the 13th General Elections which they knew they are going to lose getting Putrajaya.Bersih is all about Anwar,PKR and PAS.

The Chinese based DAP is quite happy with their political progress and have no worry about their chance of making a major breakthrough in the 13th GE.DAP will win big but would fail to form the Federal government, dragged down by PKR and PAS poor performance.

DAP played a low-key role in the proposed Bersih rally because they are confident of winning more seats particularly in Chinese dominated areas.

Unfortunately, with all the talks that PAS new image has endeared the party to the people is absolutely not true. Staunch Muslims are reassessing PAS credibility after it discarded its Islamic badge for political expediency.

Unfortunately, Ambiga is a just pawn in the game and one small fish who wanted to be in a big pond.







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